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Reading your business smart meter

SMETS2 Aclara meter

It’s likely that SMS will install a SMETS2 Aclara smart meter at your premises. Below is a handy guide to read your Aclara meter.

Reading your Smart electricity meter

  • Locate the reading menu by pressing button B until you see ‘Total…’ or ‘TOU...’ displayed.

  • This means that you’re in the ‘Reads’ menu. Now press button A to scroll through the ‘Reads’ menu. You’ll see options called ‘Total Active Import kWh’, ‘Total Active Export kWh’ and ‘TOU Rate 1’.

  • The meter reading that’s used for your billing is TOU Rate 1 for single-rate tariffs, and both TOU Rate 1 and TOU Rate 2 for two-rate tariffs.

Read your Smart gas meter

  • Press any button to wake up the display or navigate to the default display.

  • The gas meter reading is displayed as ‘V’ (for volume). This is shown in cubic meters (m3). Ignore the decimal places. 

Please note: An in-house display (IHD) will not be provided as part of a standard installation.