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With Shell Energy, our customers get peace of mind that they have access to competitive energy rates and the latest energy supply solutions that work for their business.

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Our energy products for large business

At Shell Energy, we provide solutions for managing your energy costs, alongside expertise to help your business plan its decarbonisation roadmap. We can offer 100% renewable electricity and gas products, with a choice of energy technology and location options

Best for budget certainty - smaller businesses*


Discover our products
  • Tailored fixed price* for 1-36 months
  • Flexible payment and billing options*
  • Tailored renewable options*
  • 100% renewable electricity¹

When you choose a fixed price contract, your price is agreed with us upfront, based on your consumption. What’s more, you can access tailored renewable options and choose your payment terms.

Great for cost transparency - larger businesses**


Discover our products
  • Fix your commodity price***
  • Choice of non-commodity pass-through options
  • Avoid non-commodity risk premium costs
  • Flexible payment and billing options
  • Tailored renewable options
  • 100% renewable electricity¹

Our Pass-through contracts allow you to fix your electricity price and choose which charges like distribution and transmission costs are passed to you. What’s more, you can access tailored renewable options and choose your payment terms.

Best for direct market access and price risk management


Discover our products
  • Take advantage of price changes in the energy market
  • Choose when and how often to fix your commodity price*
  • Access lower prices via reduced risk premium costs
  • Flexible payment and billing options
  • Tailored renewable options
  • 100% renewable electricity¹

Our Flex contracts allow you to purchase your energy in blocks, direct from the wholesale market, and choose varying levels of market access and risk profile. You can also access tailored renewable options and choose your payment terms.

*For businesses spending less than £50k a year on energy.

**For businesses spending more than £50k a year on energy.

***You’ll receive a fixed price for the term of your contract unless there are changes that impact the contract terms or that are beyond our control, in which event we may vary your prices or pass costs onto you. These may include:

  • you not adhering to the contract terms;

  • you providing inaccurate information to us;

  • changes in industry arrangements, regulation or law, metering, or supply;

  • any change in the structure or calculation of third-party charges.

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Lower-carbon energy solutions

Working with the wider Shell group of companies, we can offer a range of energy solutions, from onsite energy assets to providing easy-to-use electric vehicle charging solutions at business locations. We can help businesses that generate renewable electricity to optimise grid-scale battery and flexible generation assets.

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A world-class energy partner

With Shell Energy, you get exclusive access to global expertise that will enable your business to thrive.

A major energy player in the UK, Shell plays a vital role in powering the UK’s industry and offers businesses a range of service solutions to make their operations run more efficiently. Services include lubricants, fuels and more.

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Shell's On-site Energy Solutions team offers a simplified 'one-stop shop' tailored approach to upgrading your energy infrastructure, reducing your total annual energy spend and meeting your renewable energy goals.

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Energy Insights is designed to deliver expert analysis and market updates for busy energy decision-makers in UK businesses. From net zero to policy and regulation, our online blogs and resources offer valuable insights in easy-to-digest formats.

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1Shell Energy’s renewable electricity is supplied by the National Grid and certified by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) certificates, matching electricity bought with the equivalent amount from 100% renewable sources. Shell Energy’s renewable gas is certified by the Green Gas Certification Scheme (GGCS). Through the use of Renewable Gas Guarantee of Origin (RGGO) certificates, a scheme which matches each unit of gas used by a Shell Energy customer with an equivalent amount of biomethane (a gas considered by the GGCS to be green), that has been placed into the grid. For further information on this certification scheme, please see http://www.greengas.org.uk. We are also able to offer non-renewable products on request.