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Our flexible purchasing contracts

We have a range of products available designed to give you direct market access and price risk management. Purchase your commodity in monthly, quarterly or seasonal blocks, direct from the wholesale market.

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Our flexible purchasing products

Our flexible purchasing contracts are designed for electricity customers that spend more than £1m a year on energy. With Shell Energy, you can choose from two products, each with varying levels of market access and risk profiles:

Purchase your electricity in monthly, quarterly or seasonal blocks


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  • Ability to purchase electricity in line with your business needs
  • Minimise risks with agreed shape fee
  • Avoid non-commodity risk premiums
  • 100% renewable electricity¹

We offer 100% renewable electricity¹, plus tailored renewable and payment options. Available for non-half hourly and half hourly electricity customers only.

Purchase your electricity in blocks and settle the residual charges


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  • Access market prices - avoid risk premiums
  • Control your electricity purchase
  • Avoid volume tolerance penalties
  • 100% renewable electricity¹

We offer 100% renewable electricity¹, plus tailored renewable and payment options. Available for non-half hourly and half hourly electricity customers only.

Which flexible purchasing product is right for your business?

Energy market access frequencyMedium - 100% hedged before start of block period. Fixed for block period onlyHigh - Choose when and how much to hedge or leave floating. Hourly access to wholesale prices
Volume toleranceMatched to each block period100%
Shape feeAgreed up frontNone - cash out to index
Non-energy costPassed-throughPassed-through
Contract term12-36 months12-60 months

Energy contract options to suit your business

If you spend under £1m a year on energy or a flexible purchasing product isn’t for you, discover our other business energy supply products. When you partner with us, you can also access more energy solutions from the Shell Group of companies.

Pass-through contract image

Pass-through contract

Spend more than £50k a year on energy? Our Pass-through contracts allow you to fix your electricity commodity price and choose which non- commodity charges like distribution and transmission charges are passed through to you at the market rate.

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Fixed contract

When you choose a fixed all-inclusive contract, your price is agreed with us upfront. So, you can better plan your budget, freeing you from the uncertainty of future rises in your energy costs.

Lower-carbon energy solutions image

Lower-carbon energy solutions

Working with the wider Shell group of companies, we can offer a range of energy solutions, from onsite energy assets to providing easy-to-use electric vehicle charging solutions at business locations. We can help businesses that generate renewable electricity to optimise grid scale battery and flexible generation assets.

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1Shell Energy’s renewable electricity is supplied by the National Grid and certified by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) certificates, matching electricity bought with the equivalent amount from 100% renewable sources. Shell Energy’s renewable gas is certified by the Green Gas Certification Scheme (GGCS). Through the use of Renewable Gas Guarantee of Origin (RGGO) certificates, a scheme which matches each unit of gas used by a Shell Energy customer with an equivalent amount of biomethane (a gas considered by the GGCS to be green), that has been placed into the grid. For further information on this certification scheme, please see http://www.greengas.org.uk. We are also able to offer non-renewable products on request.