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Electricity economy 7 - two rate meter

These meters record two readings, one for Day and one for Night - for best results take your reading between 10am and 10pm. Here’s an example:

*If your meter doesn’t state: ‘Multirate Single Phase Watt Hour Meter’ along the top, refer to the Digital meter: single rate guide.

How to read a two rate digital meter

  • Take two readings – reading ‘1’ and ‘2’. The display will alternate between the two regularly and will show the reading number on the left-hand side.

  • Read the numbers from left to right

  • Include all numbers from the left to the right, including zeros

  • The ‘1’ or ‘2’ will flash. Note ‘1’ as the Day/Normal rate and ‘2’ as the Night/Low rate.

How to send your readings to us

By email – to

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