Building a better energy future together with NSG Group

Solutions for today and tomorrow

For businesses balancing continuity with decarbonisation goals, having a dependable and flexible energy partner has never been more important. That’s why Shell Energy is working with customers to meet the energy challenges of today, while investing in the energy solutions of tomorrow.

Shell Energy provides solutions tailored to the needs of businesses across a wide range of industries. These include the reliable delivery of gas, power and renewable energy, as well as carbon credits to help compensate for emissions.

Better ways to power business

In Europe, Shell Energy is working with thousands of companies to meet their energy needs competitively, while helping guide them through the energy transition. This means powering their business in a way that is more resilient, as well as helping them reduce their carbon emissions.

“We’re delighted to add NSG Group to a customer portfolio that includes global brands and national local businesses,” says Giorgia Arnaboldi, Senior General Manager B2B for Shell Energy in Europe.

One solution leads to another

A deal to supply NSG Group with natural gas is an example of how working together on one solution can unlock new opportunities. NSG Group manufactures glass which, among other things, goes into the manufacturing process of photovoltaic panels used by solar power developer Silicon Ranch, of which Shell is the majority shareholder. “It means the natural gas we supply to NSG Group in Italy is part of a bigger picture, which ultimately supports the generation of renewable solar power in the US market,” explains Giorgia. “It’s a perfect example of how one collaboration and one solution can lead to another.”

“We believe this is an important platform to establish further opportunities together in areas such as renewable electricity and alternative/low carbon fuels. NSG Group is increasingly turning to our supply partners to support our decarbonisation efforts and we are excited to work closely with Shell Energy as part of this strategy.” John Wilgar, Chief Procurement Officer at NSG Group.

Watch our interview with Giorgia Arnaboldi, Senior General Manager B2B for Shell Energy in Europe.

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