Customer stories: Norsk Hydro

Shell Energy is working with Norsk Hydro to help decarbonise its operations, supplying natural gas and renewable electricity to the company’s UK sites.

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Helping Norsk Hydro to reach net zero

While significant progress has been made to maximise production efficiencies and reduce group-wide consumption, due to the nature of its operations, Norsk Hydro remains an energy-intensive business. As part of efforts to tackle this, the company aims to accelerate its transition to net-zero by decarbonising its energy consumption.

The business is working with Shell Energy to help decarbonise its national operations and, more specifically, tackle Scope 2 emissions.

Shell Energy supplies Norsk Hydro’s UK sites with natural gas and asset-specific REGO-certified 100% renewable electricity from the Rhyl Flats wind farm in Wales. This renewable electricity helps to power electric forklifts, automated cooling towers and energy harvesting, which in turn will enable Norsk Hydro to produce lower-carbon aluminium.