Support for energy theft

What is energy theft?

Energy theft is surprisingly common, with around 150,000 cases investigated and 1,500 individuals prosecuted under the Theft Act 1968, the Criminal Damage Act 1971, the Criminal Law Act 1977 or the Fraud Act 2006 each year.

As a supplier, it is our obligation to try to put an end to energy theft. 

We play an active role in detecting, investigating and preventing the theft of electricity or gas, and reporting our findings to the authorities.

How to report it

Reporting energy theft can help to keep costs down and keep everyone safe. If you suspect that an energy meter has been tampered with, please let us know:

What's the theft charter?

The Theft Charter is an industry-wide commitment to supporting customers during the process of investigating and taking action against energy theft. Click this link to learn how we're supporting customers.