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Our 100% renewable energy

100% renewable electricity from Shell Energy

At Shell Energy, we provide solutions for managing your energy costs, alongside expertise to help your business plan its decarbonisation roadmap. We can offer 100% renewable electricity and gas products, with a choice of energy technology and location options.

Our renewable energy is backed by UK-certified renewable certificates of origin, which means that all of the electricity and any renewable gas you buy from us is matched with the equivalent amount of units from 100% renewable sources.

As more businesses move to 100% renewable electricity this encourages more generation from renewable sources, making an important contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. The renewable electricity we source is fully backed by UK accredited renewable certificates.

What does 100% renewable electricity mean?

We purchase renewable energy certificates of origin which guarantee that for every unit of electricity you use, a unit of renewable electricity is put into the grid by renewable generators that produce energy from sources like wind, solar and biomass. Where does renewable electricity come from?

Our renewable electricity comes from wind farms, solar plants and biomass. As the name suggests, wind farms generate electricity by making use of massive turbines to harness wind power. Solar plants are made up of acres of land covered in solar panels. These panels contain photovoltaic cells (more commonly referred to as PV) and use photons from sunlight to produce electricity. Finally, biomass uses the anaerobic digestion of waste from manure, crops or food waste to produce gas. This gas can then be used to power turbines and generate electricity.

How does electricity get to my business?

All electricity – generated from renewable and non-renewable sources – is fed into the National Grid and carried to your business by a Distribution Network Operator (DNO). Once electricity enters the grid, there is no way of separating the electrons according to the source of their generation. 

How do you guarantee my electricity is renewable?

This is where the renewable energy certificates of origin schemes come in. They provide complete transparency to consumers about the proportion of electricity generated by renewable sources.

Business suppliers like Shell Energy can buy certificates from renewable generators. The number of certificates that are available match the exact amount of renewable electricity that is produced and is put into the National Grid.

For our business customers, we source renewable electricity and green gas from the UK and Europe and ensure all renewable certificates of origin are certified in the UK.